Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge covers a little over 1,000 square miles. Located in the highlands of the southern zone of western Belize, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve offers cool temperatures and reveals splendid natural monuments. You will find sites including Thousand Foot Falls, the largest fall in Belize and the Central American region, as well as the cave Rio Frio, a quarter-mile cave, to name a few. Expeditions can be carried out by mountain bike, on foot, or on horseback. Venture among the pines to examine the colorful vegetation, various bird species, and other animal life such as tapir, cougar, jaguar, and ocelot. The Pine Ridge is the region par excellence to reconnect with nature.

Visit the Thousand Foot Falls- The 1000ft falls in Belize is the tallest waterfall in the country and it is quite an impressive sight, especially being taller than any Belizean man-made building by about 90 floors! It is easily accessible with upgraded roads and tourist facilities put in by the government.
Explore and Swim At The Rio On Pools- The Rio On Pools embrace a wide shallow stream cascading over the granite rock formations, forming pools in the deeper crevices and mini waterfalls on the overhangs.
Explore The Barton Creek Caves- The Barton Creek cave system is part of a much more extensive limestone cave system in the region that is a little over a mile and a half long and home to a host of wonders.


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